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Our Company


United Engineers, Inc. (UEI) was founded in Houston on September 1995 by Principals Sherif Mohamed and Kefelegne "KT" Tesfaye to provide the best quality of service to all clients, regardless of their size. From the inception, Sherif and KT made a commitment to integrity and engineering excellence.

All projects are organized around a professional project manager who ensures a direct response to the client's needs. The firm implements a formalized quality control process that includes mandatory, standardized checklists for project initiation, periodic plan and specification review, and a final product review on every project. Work quality is monitored throughout the project by one or more of our senior engineers and/or principals.

UEI has evolved into a full service engineering firm providing an array of professional engineering and surveying services to our private, public and institutional clients.

UEI has been recognized recently for many awards, including the 2013 City of Houston Professional Services Contractor of the Year Award. It has also, in the past, ranked 41st, 23rd, and 89th in the Houston 100. As we are celebrating over 20 years of excellence, we are proud to see how much we have assisted our city to grow and improve and we look forward on continuing that initiative.